We have:

  • Purpose-built radiopharmacy suite, with Envair CDC-F Technetium isolator for manufacture and dispensing of sterile radiolabelled IMP.
  • Tri-Carb 3100TR liquid scintillation analyzer, for QC, safety monitoring and sample assay.
  • Specialist experience of 14C radiolabelled IMP, for both microdosing and therapeutic dosing:
    • novel diaminopyrimidine antibiotic
    • gastrin antagonist
    • endothelin receptor antagonist
    • dimethoxime antimicrobial prodrug
  • Experience of manufacturing and dispensing IMP radiolabelled with radionuclide 3H,  99mTc, 51Cr and 131I.

Our staff include:

  • Radiopharmacy technician
  • Radiopharmacy consultant
  • Radiation protection supervisor (RPS)
  • Radiation protection advisor (RPA)

We QP release all radiopharmacy doses