Since 1993, Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR) has supplied industry-leading services to pharmaceutical companies for phase I and early phase II clinical trials.  Today, we have 145 beds in a purpose-designed clinical pharmacology unit close to an NHS hospital. We can provide a full service, including pharmacy, from trial design through to report.

Our GMP-compliant, 200 m2 pharmacy was purpose designed and commissioned in accordance with MHRA best practice, and incorporated into our ISO 9001 quality management system.  We manufacture non-sterile, sterile and radioactive IMPs, and have had 8 MHRA GMP inspections since 2004.


  • import IMPs and challenge agents from outside the EEA;
  • collaborate with sponsors to develop, refine, and test small-scale production methods;
  • prepare finished sterile and non-sterile products;
  • prepare sterile and non-sterile radiopharmaceuticals;
  • repack, randomise and label IMPs and non-IMPs;
  • manufacture and assemble hard-shell capsules;
  • over-encapsulate other solid dose forms;
  • QP release;
  • dispense Controlled Drugs; and
  • prepare dilutions of challenge agents, such as allergens and methacholine.

Our established pharmacy team includes 3 registered pharmacists, and 4 QPs.

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